Hi, I'm Lee

I'm an experienced software developer and open-source advocate living in the UK.

I've been building software for more than a decade, and I particularly enjoy working with Ruby and Elixir.

Check out my GitHub profile for open-source work.

My face


I've long abandoned my written articles and blog posts, so there's not much to see here at the moment. I'll shortly migrate articles that are worthy of publishing to the website.

You can read about what I use.


I'm a carpenter and self-educated developer. Some time in the early 00's I traded carpentry for code and doubled-down on the computer and software knowledge I'd been bolstering in my evenings and weekends. I worked as a self-employed freelance developer for several years. In early 2012 I co-founded Vancouver based Spark CRM.

I currently work at Loco2, where myself and a bunch of other train geeks help change the face of European travel. We work on lots of fun and interesting technical challenges. We were recently acquired and we're expanding rapidly!

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I can be reached at [email protected] and on Twitter.