I'm Lee, an experienced software developer living in South West England.

I'm co-founder of Spark Technologies and currently working as VP of Engineering at Loco2.

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My Backup Strategy

Preparing for the apocalypse.. and just, you know, terrible computers

Brighton Ruby 2019

I had planned on writing my own blog post summary of the conference, but Frederick pretty much nailed it. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Technical Debt by Sroop was my favourite.

Making On-Call Not Suck

Molly does well to summarise a broken on-call system and what her company are doing to combating it.

Clean Ruby Codebases

A few of my favourite Ruby codebases to peruse

Pricehack launch brings split ticketing to Loco2

After years of hard work, UK split tickets are now available on Loco2.

Open-sourcing Sorbet: a fast, powerful type checker for Ruby

Stripe’s new open-source library brings type checking to Ruby. I expect this sort of functionality to be met with a very mixed response, but I’ll certainly give it a try.

SwiftUI ScrollViews

In which I start playing with SwiftUI.

Dark Mode

At the request of my eyeballs, you can now switch to a dark version of the website.

How to Draw a Horse

Emma Hunsinger on the artistic and romantic suffering she underwent while learning to draw horses. Prepare your feels.

WWDC 2019 Highlights

If you follow tech news you’ll no doubt have noticed Apple’s yearly World Wide Developer Conference announcements making the rounds this past week. Here are some of my highlights.

A lick of paint

This isn’t a “hello, world!” post

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

Recommended reading for both software developers and managers/stakeholders. Martin Fowler explains why high quality software is cheaper to produce and visualises the impact of internal code quality.

Gear: 2018

Hardware, Software, Underwear.