Today is reserved for creativity

Second-guessing the modern web

Tom MacWright talks skepticism on single-page applications and asks the question “what if everyone’s wrong?”. I found myself agreeing with a lot of his takes.

Phoenix: Using Plugs to improve scoped resources

Improving scoped resources with plugs and pipelines.

The Basecamp Guide to Internal Communication

The how, where, why and when the remote-working Basecamp team communicate. So much of this document resonates with the way I love to work.

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education

This Open Learning MIT class claims to teach students about topics seldom covered by Computer Science courses. It’s jam packed with useful information and well deserving a bookmark for both experienced and entry-level developers.

The Logitech USB Receiver

How the dumb little receiver dongle saved me from losing my mind

Low Power Mode for Mac laptops

Marco Arment responds to rumours of a Pro Mode for Macs with another case for adding low-power mode. I’d love to see this.


My story

Building a BitTorrent client from the ground up in Go

A great technical blog post that explains the inner workings of the BitTorrent protocol in an easy to understand way.

Advent of Code

It’s that time of year again 👨‍💻🎄

Group Chat: The Best Way to Totally Stress Out Your Team

The ups and downs of modern group communication from the company that pioneered modern chat for business.

SwiftUI Bindings

Organising SwiftUI code with @State and @Binding

Farewell Loco2

Friend and Loco2 co-founder Jamie says a final goodbye to the Loco2 brand

Gear: 2019

Office hardware and preferred software. A lot has changed since last year

Creating an Archive page with Jekyll

How to group Jekyll posts (by year or month) with minimal effort

Interactive Shells in Capistrano

How to start a remote Rails console (and other interactive commands) via Capistrano


Things I’ve learned after 8 weeks of parenthood

Jony Ive

A bit late in the year for this, but John Siracusa talks through Jony Ive’s departure from Apple with a cool comparison to a surprisingly deep animated short from Netflix

Leaving Loco2

It’s time to say farewell 👋 🚂

Where did August go?

It’s been a busy month

My Backup Strategy

Preparing for the apocalypse.. and terrible computers

Brighton Ruby 2019

I had planned on writing my own blog post summary of the conference, but Frederick pretty much nailed it. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Technical Debt by Sroop was my favourite.

Making On-Call Not Suck

Molly does well to summarise a broken on-call system and what her company are doing to combat it.

Clean Ruby Codebases

A few of my favourite Ruby codebases

Pricehack launch brings split ticketing to Loco2

After years of hard work, UK split tickets are now available on Loco2.

SwiftUI ScrollViews

In which I start playing with SwiftUI.

Dark Mode

At the request of my eyeballs, you can now switch to a dark version of the website.

How to Draw a Horse

Emma Hunsinger on the artistic and romantic suffering she underwent while learning to draw horses. Prepare your feels.

WWDC 2019 Highlights

If you follow tech news you’ll no doubt have noticed Apple’s yearly World Wide Developer Conference announcements making the rounds this past week. Here are some of my highlights.

A lick of paint

This isn’t a “hello, world!” post

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

Recommended reading for both software developers and managers/stakeholders. Martin Fowler explains why high quality software is cheaper to produce and visualises the impact of internal code quality.

Gear: 2018

Hardware, Software, Underwear.