I started a carpentry apprenticeship shortly after leaving secondary school in 2004. I learned a lot on the job, and was ultimately pleased with my decision to jump straight into hands-on work. I had a passion for computers, but my mediocre school grades meant I wasn't ready to pursue a technical role. I started learning to write code in my evenings and weekends.

A while after completing my apprenticeship I had some health issues that caused me to explore a change of industry. I worked as a Christmas temp at a large UK retailer and eventually worked into floor manager and part time store manager positions. I learned a lot about sales, customer service and how to manage people effectively.

Eventually I left to pursue a career as a freelance Software Developer. I continued working in retail part-time to supplement my income until I had enough work to keep me busy.

In 2010 I co-founded Canadian based real estate technology company Spark.

Spark brings modern software to real estate developers. With custom tools built especially for modern home builders, Spark makes inventory and lead management a breeze.

I helped take Spark from an idea to a fully-fledged CRM with many paying customers. As one of two full-time developers, I worked across the entire tech stack, and was jointly responsible for the smooth running of the application 24/7.

Spark was built at an incredible pace. With fast changing requirements and bespoke feature requests, the team were required to work in an ultra agile and adaptable environment. Eventually we recruited more developers, and I helped to onboard and mentor them.

I have remained a technical advisor to Spark and have always said I would love to join the company in a more hands-on role again in the future.

I joined Loco2 in 2013. As an avid traveller, Loco2's purpose really resonated with me: to provide a single place to book European train journeys, with no booking fees, as simply as possible.

My journey started as the third full-time software developer. My responsibilities varied, but given the small size of the tech team, we worked across the stack and were jointly involved in creating both customer facing JavaScript-heavy user experiences, and complex backend features. I took part in the on-call rota and dealt with some tricky DevOps issues during the sleepier hours of the day.

In 2018 I switched to a management role in the form of VP of Engineering. My first task was to scale up the tech team to meet the increasing needs of the organisation after being acquired by SNCF. My duties included:

  • Leading technical development
  • Recruiting new developers, from triaging applications to interviews
  • Organising team structure and planning contingencies
  • Budget management
  • Managing security and compliance processes
  • One-to-one's with developers
  • Performance and salary reviews
  • much more...

I have learned a considerable amount at Loco2, both technical and otherwise. The company has created a truly great working culture and has reshaped the way I approach my working environment.

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