A lick of paint

I can’t even begin to imagine how many “hello, world!” blog posts I’ve written, after finding the time and enthusiasm to get back to writing. It goes something like this:

  1. I want to write
  2. My website looks like shit, I’ll redesign it
  3. Oh, the CMS I use for blogging needs some work, I’ll just roll my own
  4. WhaT havE I dOne
  5. Repeat.

This isn’t that, though. There’s no hello world. There’s no creating a new blogging engine. And most importantly, there’s no commitment to start blogging frequently.

Instead, I’ve tweaked some of the website styling and added a place to write new posts. They won’t appear often, but as I find myself increasingly keen on sharing smaller bits of information that don’t fit inside 140 280 characters, I am becoming content with the idea that excessive prose doesn’t always make for good reading.

Additionally, I’ve noticed an increase in quality technical blog posts lately, and bookmarks just aren’t cutting it. Instead, I’ve added an external link feature to the blog, allowing me to add a small summary about something I’ve read or found interesting.