We won't be hungry much longer

This week I returned from Vancouver with the intention of spending at least the next week detoxing and recoving from a booze-filled week of fun. I haven’t really been drinking alcohol, but I can’t say I’ve been particularly good at keeping the diet straight. Maybe next week.

After a busy start to the year, this week was very quiet. Quiet enough that I was dreading writing these notes. Still, I never promised myself I’d write a lot. Just that I’d write. So here goes.

My wife did a London Marathon Walk to raise money for JDRF in support of her niece. She smashed it and I’m super proud of her.

I went on a mission to find good instant noodles. I bought some Bachelors Super Noodles, Itsu Rice Noodles and Kabuto Noodles. The Itsu are probably the best, but none of them are great. This isn’t exactly shocking given that they’re pre-packaged and ready to eat in a few minutes, but I am speaking on the instant-noodle grade and not on noodle-based meals in general.

I found that rejecting the instructions and cooking them all on the hob with butter made a reasonable difference – cholesterol be damned.

We checked out a new burger joint that opened close to our home. The food was very good (which isn’t too difficult given the access to actual good quality ingredients where we live). We tried Deliveroo for the first time though, and the experience was pretty bad. Our initial delivery window extended every 5 or so minutes for what felt like indefinitely (it was around 1 hour). Food delivery services aren’t very popular where we live and I can’t see us using Deliveroo again anytime soon.

I learned:

We watched the final season of After Life. We thought it wasn’t as good as previous seasons, but not bad either. And some tear-jerker moments in there for sure.

I started and finished Yellowjackets and really enjoyed it. This sort of weird psychological drama is right up my alley. Its slow in places but didn’t disappoint.

We also started watching Ozark (good, though not as good as last season if only because of the outstanding performance Tom Pelphrey gave in the episode “Fire Pink”).

I’m currently fighting with the atrocious Music app on macOS and wondering why it’s so difficult for multi-billion (or trillion) dollar companies to make a functioning music app. I’m growing so incredibly tired of dealing with wonky software and I long to bin it all off and work on a farm in the middle of nowhere.