Tongues will not change the succession

I’m now on Mastodon: I picked a Ruby server because that’s where most of my Twitter following are going. It’s taking some getting used to and given how little I actually use Twitter I’m not sure I’ll be particularly active, but I wanted to see what it was all about.

I really wish I could disable boosts for all new followers by default.

The Elixir Phoenix dev team released version 1.7-rc this week. I’ve been playing with 1.7 for a while now and I’m incredibly excited to be able to start building apps against a stable version in the coming weeks.

Component-driven frameworks seem to be the future (and the present, I suppose), and this version really leans on that. And, importantly, it does so in a way that doesn’t force me to write—or even really care about—JavaScript.

Switched back to Things 3 after giving Apple Reminders a go for a few months. Turns out Apple is really just not great at software at the moment.

I replaced Tweetbot with Spring for Twitter and it’s better in almost every measurable way.

Purchased an Air Fryer (Ninja MAX AF160UK) and despite every review on YouTube suggesting it’s only good for cooking chips and fried chicken, it has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen.

I started re-reading The First Law series. As I’ve found with many excellent books and TV shows (The Wire, The Sopranos), sometimes you have to have a couple of goes at it before you really get it. The first book in the series, The Blade Itself, had a similar start.

I also read Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club. I usually prefer my murder mysteries a little less light-hearted, but I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

If you have book recommendations (Fantasy, Thrillery, Mysteryy or otherwise), I would love to hear them.

I finished a handful of TV shows recently. House of the Dragon was probably the highlight. In particular, the incredible performances by Paddy Considine (King Viserys) and Emma D’Arcy (Princess Rhaenyra). I’ve also been loving The Bear—though it is incredibly stressful to watch.

I started Andor and so far it is superb. I had to stop watching it when I realised it was good enough to require my full attention and plan on restarting this week.

Took a break from Destiny and played the new Call of Duty. Started the campaign on the hardest difficulty and now I’m stuck on the infamous Alone mission. It’s fun, though I’m not sure I’ll be going anywhere near PvP.

DST ended a week ago and I’m not really over how dark it is. Like, all the time.