There will be no rules going forward

I’ve complained about the cold the last couple of weeks, but it actually got cold this week. Minus numbers kind of cold.

I’m writing these notes at around 32 thousand feet, again on my way to the Vancouver Spark HQ. Looks like it’s cold there, too. Another short trip but I’m excited to see the team and hope to get a lot done.

My earlier hopes of running a double lap around Stanley Park were shattered when I injured my ankle, and despite a positive recovery after a Couch-to-5K reset, I think I’ll have to settle for a walk.

I rebuilt this website and blogged about it. It’s built using Phoenix and Tailwind.

ChatGPT is all the rage at the moment, and I’ve been having fun with it myself.

I asked it to explain a database deadlock to me, and then asked it to reproduce a deadlock using ActiveRecord. It added some boilerplate code which was missing some important details, but as I asked it to fill them in, it did a pretty good job of doing so. Even down to me having to ask things like this:

Your code does not load dependencies before using them. It also creates 2 threads, but you never execute them so the program exits without any deadlocks occuring. Can you fix it?

It took some massaging but we got there eventually. Whilst I don’t think this will be replacing Stack Overflow any time soon, it’s very impressive technology and I’m excited to see how it evolves. You can do some wild stuff with it.

The Advent of Code challenges have been fun thus far. I usually start slowing down around day 7 or 8 when I can no longer fit them in to a 1-hour lunch break; a tradition that continues this year. I am currently working through the next couple of days on this very long flight though, so maybe I’ll be able to catch up.

I finished the last book in The First Law trilogy and immediately moved on to the next chronologically ordered book: Best Served Cold. It’s excellent so far.

Otherwise I’m continuing to enjoy Andor, and started Wednesday on Netflix. Only a couple of episodes in but enjoying that so far.

I tried to watch Black Adam but turned off about 20 minutes in.

This week brings a new season of Destiny 2. Whilst I won’t get the opportunity to play whilst I’m away, I’m excited to catch up with the new content (including a new Dungeon, which is always fun) when I get back.