Whatever 'in love' means.

The Slow and Painful End of Twitter appears to be reaching its climax. Twitter has always been a double-edged sword for me — as I’m sure for many others. Not only the primary source of my tech news, but likely a significant source of anxiety and depression; its algorithm throat-fucking me with all kinds of nonsense I don’t give a shit about.

I mentioned last week that I’d found a new Twitter client that I like. The best thing about 3rd-party clients is that they circumvent the primary factory algorithm and opt for a more sane order-by-descending view. And yet here I am fully embracing the irony of using Twitter Web to suck in as much anarchy as possible during what many believe will be the final hours of its life. Like poking at a dying animal with a morbid curiosity.

In happier news, I restarted my running journey after being out for a few months with an ankle injury. An unhelpful visit to a Podiatrist not doing enough to dissuade me. I’ve gone back to basics with a couch-to-5K plan in the hope of running a smooth 5K again by Christmas. Gone are the plans to run Stanley Park seawall during my visit next month, sadly.

It’s starting to feel cold and my body has been sending me angry reminders of displeasure. The Raynaud’s kicking off again during my daily walks and the Sciatica starting to creep back in. I’ve started doing Yoga and some other exercises for 10-20 mins each morning to try and ease things up. It’s going pretty well so far.

Work has been busy this last week, with several performance problems popping up. Despite the stresses, debugging and fixing performance problems — especially database ones — is something I find very interesting and rewarding. I can’t say I’ve hated the change of pace.

I’m having a lot of fun with Phoenix 1.7 and have been tempted for the first time in a long while to write some technical blog posts on a handful of its new features and quirks.

Affinity — the Mac developer who build photo editing and publishing apps — have a huge sale on their new apps. This was an instant purchase for me. I love their apps, and I’d spend double the price to avoid an Adobe subscription.

I’m on the 2nd book in the First Law series and absolutely addicted. I’ll be on the third within the week I think.

I finished watching The Bear, which — despite its intentional anxiety-inducing script — I loved.

We started watching the latest season of The Crown and I’m ambivalent. It’s very well produced, but it’s just starting to feel a bit weird to watch. Elizabeth Debicki is absolutely incredible as Princess Diana, though.

Did I mention it’s really dark? Also, Christmas is in 5 weeks. Gah!